Ergatta vs Hydrow vs Nordictrack: Which is the Best and Why?


Given how most of the rowers offer the same functionality, there’s a raging battle between Ergatta, Hydrow, and Nordictrack. To help you choose one – here’s an honest comparison that breaks down everything you need to know about these famous brands.

What better way to have a full-body workout than to decide your time to rowing machines. Their low-impact and effective workouts help them stand above the rest and offer you complete satisfaction with its interactive features.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many rowing enthusiasts are enabled to go out there and immerse themselves in the most soothing experience of rowing their boat outdoors.

However, thanks to the nature-themed rowers with a video that gives a real-life feel, you can rest assured to live each moment of your life to the fullest. Ergatta, Hydrow, and Nordictrack are three of the best rowing machine brands out there with different approaches that may or may not work for you.

So, keep on reading to find out the best one for you.

Ergatta vs Hydrow vs Nordictrack Review: The Brand

About Ergatta

Ergatta is made for pro athletes who prefer to have serious workouts with heavy wear and tear on the equipment. The premium build, functions, and features allow you to get just that with a real water resistance technique that I absolutely love.

If we specifically talk about the brand image, it is basically known for offering you a completely natural feel with its incredible body structure and slight water noises that replicate the noise of real-life rowing.

About Hydrow

Hydrow is one of few brands that have hype about its equipment everywhere you see. Now, whether it is legitimate or not, this is something you will understand by the end of this comparison.

What makes Hydrow stand out against the rest is its high-tech features with specific add ons that can get you an ample amount of live and on-demand workout sessions led by professional fitness trainers. This means you don’t have to miss the perks of going to the gym even while working out at home.

With this, you get to bring the river home with an impressive scenic view, team rowing, and daily schedule to give you a boost of motivation every day.

About NordicTrack

Although NordicTrack is known for manufacturing exceptional treadmills and stationing bikes. Its RW900 is the jewel of the brand. The 22-inch HD touchscreen, sleek body, fold-up storage convenience, and awesome price make Nordictrack one of the best choices for many fitness enthusiasts.

Ergatta vs Hydrow vs NordicTrack Review Comparison

Ergatta Review


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What gives a competitive edge of Ergatta over the others is how it offers a completely different approach to working out. When you think of a workout, the first thing that comes to mind is 30 never-ending minutes; Ergatta switches this up with thrilling games that will make you let those 30 minutes pass before you know it.

The group challenges and live head-to-head matches can keep you motivated to work out each day and get unmatched performance to burn all the extra weight you gain in the quarantine.

Remember, Ergatta is not a training app, nor is it an app, it movies a sport-like atmosphere that lets you choose from a large library of workout videos to amp up your fitness game.


1. Motivating video game-inspired workout platform

What’s better than expert trainers guiding you is the fun of exciting games that can help you push harder with every second. Instead of feeling drained after each session, it allows you to feel satisfied and happy as you walk away from the equipment.

2. Sleek design

The wooden design, along with water storage, is ideal for matching any furniture and making it a statement piece rather than an eyesore that is only taking up space at your house.

3. Easy storage

When you have gym equipment at home, it must feature an easily foldable design that allows you to keep it away when not in use. Luckily, Ergatta is armed with an easy and compact storage design that can fit in any closet you may have at home.


1. Requires maintenance

Considering how Ergatta is a water-powered rower, it requires you to change or clean the water regularly. Although some think it’s worth it as its water feature distinguishes Ergatta from the rest, some users find its regular upkeep cumbersome.

Hydrow Review

Hydrow Live Outdoor Reality At Home Connected Rowing Machine - Exercise Equipment - Full Body Workout - Live & On-Demand Classes - Subscription Required

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The streamed content and sophisticated design of this impeccable rower give you a good reason to opt for Hydrow over the rest. It is mainly known for delivering high results using advanced technology like the features on the HD touchscreen display and whatnot.


1. Motivating classes

One of the biggest concerns of working out at home is finding the necessary motivation every day to pull yourself out of the comfort of your blanket and workout.

However, since Hydrow features competitive workouts and instructor-led classes, you can rest assured to eliminate this problem and amp up your fitness routine.

2. Quiet

To make sure you don’t disturb others while working out, Hydrow offers a smooth workout that is not only impactful but relaxing as well.

3. Electromagnetic resistance

Electromagnetic resistance plays a major role in making it easier for you to work out on a rower. You can adjust the workout intensity using the buttons integrated into the equipment and sweat it 400 to 500 calories per 30-minute workout session.


1. Expensive

As Hydrow features a high-tech and sleek and durable body, this is the most expensive among all the rowers mentioned in this comparison guide.

NordicTrack Review

NordicTrack is armed with dual resistance that lets you digitally and manually adjust the resistance of the rower. This gives it an upper hand in flexibility, and the easy-to-use air control comes with quick adjustments that you make during the workout.


1. Interactive workouts

The HD display allows you to stream an extensive library of workouts ranging from all types of different intensities and workout options. The fact that it’s all interactive gives a sense of belonging to the fitness community.

2. Fold-up design

The efficient fold-up structure of NordicTrack is all you need to have to have comfort and convenience in your at-home gym equipment. It’s easy to move around and can plant itself strongly onto the ground while you are actually working out.

3. Build

The durable body of this incredible equipment can ensure you have a lifetime sport with this one-time investment. In fact, NordicTrack has been vouched by countless fitness enthusiasts and professionals who can’t get enough of its premium quality build.


1. Nearly futile without membership

Although the rower costs $1,354, there are many hidden costs involved that are essential to pay if you want to make full use of the equipment. This includes paying for an iFit membership for $39 per month after the first three years of a free trial.

Ergatta vs Hydrow vs Nordictrack Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

In a span of only 30 minutes, rowers can indeed offer you a low-impact workout that triggers each part of your find. Whether this highly effective workout can improve your health, if you made a poor purchase decision, it can make the workout, in general, less enjoyable as well.

Thus here are some of the things you must consider before opting for your rower.

1. Price

Due to the high competition in fitness equipment, companies invest some solid bucks in improving its quality and offering you lifetime support and satisfaction.

Thus, if you think about it, making a one-time investment in fitness equipment that can serve you for as long as you want along with 3 to 5 years of warranty for parts is surely worth it.

Not only does this give you peace of mind about its quality and brand credibility, but you can also sell to the high-demanded market in case you don’t need your rower anymore.

2. Multiple User Support

If you have other fitness enthusiasts members in your house, you might want to consider a few extra factors. This includes opting for varying resistance that can accommodate all fitness levels and get a durable rower that can withstand different people with ranging heights and weights.

Besides that, some rowing machines also offer you to make multiple accounts in your HD display to track your progress.

3. Ease to Maintain

If you are opting for something as large as a rowing machine, you need to look into the maintenance of the rower and how much time you are willing to dedicate to it. A machine with detachable parts is likely to be easier to fix as you’d only be replacing the broken part.

Hoover, count on professionals to fix some complicated parts like chains or a fan where a slight mistake can ruin the entire machine.

4. Size and Ease to Store

Rowers can take up a lot of space on the floor. Therefore, look for rowers that are compact and can be stored either horizontally or vertically for advanced flexibility.

Benefits of Ergatta vs Hydrow vs NordicTrack

Low impact

The smooth movement of rowing is low impact and non-weight bearing, allowing it to decrease the likelihood of getting injured. It has shown numerous benefits to people who are recovering from injury or rehabilitation.

Since rowing doesn’t require you to use weights, it is ideal for people struggling with bad knees and hips. It ensures you get a full-fledged workout without putting your health at risk; how amazing is that!

Increase Stamina

With a rower like Ergatta, Hydrow, and Nordictrack, you get to carry out a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic workouts that can work up your entire body.

You will be switching between workouts lets you improve endurance and instantly elevate your fitness journey. On top of that, it also strengthens your heart and lungs that can help to carry out other complex workouts.

Weight loss

Considering how your entire body will be working hard during rowing, you can expect to burn 600-1,00 calories per hour. What’s more, you get to do all of that without putting much strain on your body.

Ergatta vs Hydrow vs Nordictrack: How Are They Different?

If exercise is important to you and nearly impossible to carry out workouts simply on your yoga mat, upgrading to home gym equipment is probably the best decision you can ever make.

When we talk about Ergatta, Hydrow, and NordicTrack, all three of them come with their own unique features that give one an upper hand over the other.

The major difference is the price. Where you can get Ergatta for $2,199 or $102 per month with a 30-day return and no return delivery charges, Hydrow can cost you around $2,245 or $62 per month. Its 30-day risk-free trial is an ideal choice if you are indecisive about the purchase.

Nordictrack is the most affordable option with just $1,599 or $133.25 per month and free shipping for added convenience.

Ergatta vs Hydrow vs Nordictrack – Are They The Same?

All three of them allow you to count on the expert trainer to give you a boost of motivation and ensure your health is in good hands. All three of them are known for their high durability and satisfaction enjoyed by anyone who opted for their ideal rower.


If you are on the market to look for the best rower to ensure you don’t regret your decision, say, 5 years from now, these three can be the best options. However, the only condition is truly understanding your needs and opt for one that perfectly fits them.

If you prioritize a smart rower with advanced tech, Hydrow is an exceptional choice for you, where Ergatta is made for people who prefer a rather natural experience. As for Nordictrack, it is mainly used by newbies who want to start with a rather affordable option and build their standards as they go.


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