Do Peloton Shoes Run True to Size? What I Wish I Knew! [+ Videos]


So, do Peloton shoes run true to size?

Yes and No. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. First off, for people with standard or semi-narrow feet, the Peloton shoe is usually true to size. However, for people with wide feet, the shoe maybe a little smaller.

Do you know what’s amazing? The Peloton bike! Peloton classes are lit and useful, to say the least. There are so many things you can do to get the most out of Peloton. For instance, getting the right cardio outfit, a comfortable seat, or a pair of Bluetooth headphones to amplify your experience.

However, getting the right pair of Peloton shoes is chief at the end of the day, all classes are gonna need you to cycle. An appropriate cycling shoe should be made of durable materials, well-ventilated, and have a great build quality. This bike shoe checks all those boxes.

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One question remains though, will the size you order fit well? In this article, we will answer this and the following other questions(areas) in detail:

  • Should spin shoes be tight?
  • Do Peloton shoes run small?
  • Do Peloton shoes run true to size?
  • Should you size up in cycling shoes?
  • Should you size up or down in peloton shoes?
  • How to tell if your cycling shoes are true to size
  • Bonus tips to help you find comfortable cycling shoes
  • How to measure your foot size correctly( A step-by-step guide)

That said, it’s important to find out your exact foot size. I’m sure you probably know this already. Keep in mind that the size of your feet may slightly vary from time to time. Either way here’s a step-by-step guide to finding your correct shoe size:

How to Measure your Foot Size Correctly (A step-by-step guide)

Step 1: Measure the length of your feet. Take a plain piece of A4 paper and lay it down on the floor right against the wall. Place your feet on the paper such that your heel is pushing against the wall.

Mark the position of your big toe or the next one if it’s longer. Draw a straight line connecting your mark to the opposite edge of the paper. Measure the length.

Repeat the same procedure on the other foot. Note that there’s usually a slight difference in length between the right and left feet. You should get your value in centimeters or inches.

Always use the larger of the two measurements to procure a cycling shoe.

Step 2: identify your size on this standard size chart for common shoe manufacturers. The value in centimeters/inches is the best way to find the right shoe size. This is because different shoemakers use slightly varying standards to number their shoes. As such, it’s the fit and not the number indicated on the shoe that determines your correct shoe size.

Step 3: measure the width of your feet. Place your feet on a clean A4 paper. Mark the two opposite ends corresponding to the widest part of your feet. Measure this distance in centimeters/ inches. This foot size chart classifies your feet based on their width into narrow, medium, or wide.

Now that you know the size of your feet, you can gauge whether your Peloton shoes will be true to size or not.

According to this Reddit page, people with narrow feet will have their cycling shoes fitting perfectly. On the other side, people with medium to wide feet tend to find their ordered cycling shoes a little too snugly.

Do Peloton Shoes Run True to Size?

Most Peloton shoes come in a wide range of sizes (36-43). This accommodates men, women and children. The shape and size of people’s feet differ a lot. That is why this question generally gets ambivalent responses.

According to Peloton users on this Reddit page, Peloton shoes have been found to meet the expectations of its buyers to some degree. Again, if you have relatively narrow feet, then Peloton shoes will be true to size.

Cycling shoes are supposed to fit well but not too tight. They cannot also be too large for your feet to be wobbling around. This may cause blisters.

What does true to size mean anyway? This means that the Peloton shoe size you ordered matches the size of your feet upon wearing them. The following are factors to consider for a correct fit.

How to Tell if your Cycling Shoes are True to Size

Consider the following factors to help you determine if your cycling shoes are true to size:


You do not need extra space in front of your toes in cycling shoes. This appears to be the case in running shoes where the allowance is crucial in preventing injury. (it’s meant to allow your feet to rock forward as a result of the rolling motion)

A few millimetres between your big toe and the wall of your cycling shoes should suffice. You can remove the insole and see where your foot terminates.


This refers to the widest part of your foot. For some people, this would be at the base of the toe. For others, it would be at the tip of the toes where they fan out. Your true-to-size cycling shoes should apply zero pressure to these points when cycling.

When trying out the shoes, hop on your Peloton and try cycling. The right shoes should not cause any discomfort/ unusual pressure on the sides of your feet.


Check that your shoes don’t feel tight when fastened. They should fit snugly, comfortably and not come off when cycling.

The rear end of your cycling shoes should firmly accommodate your heels. There should be no motion in this area. This prevents heel injury on the Peloton cycle.


Should you Size up or down your Peloton shoes?

To be on the safe side, you should definitely size up. Most buyers report good comfort levels with sized-up shoes. There are many reasons you should not wear tight cycling shoes. For instance, tight Peloton brand shoes are most likely to distort blood flow to your feet when cycling. This elevates the level of exhaustion and injury.

You may be worried about the disturbing feeling of wearing loose shoes when asked to size up. Fortunately, Peloton shoes do cater to half-size increments. This means that there are intermediate sizes between all-size clusters. Therefore, you can size up just a little for additional comfort. In any case, a half-size difference is nothing a pair of thicker socks can’t fix.

Peloton offers excellent customer support. In the event you don’t find your shoes ideal or have slightly wider feet, simply return them for the right pair. This typically takes 2-5 days.

Should you Size up in Cycling shoes?

The importance of the correct fit in cycling shoes cannot be overstated. Too large and your shoes may feel uncomfortably roomy-this naturally causes your leg muscles to overcompensate, leading to poor energy utilization.

Too small and your toes will be squeezing the front cap of the shoes. You will experience the same sensation on the sides of the feet as well as when you plant your feet on the Peloton pedal. This is a ticket to injury land!

When to size up

If you can stick a finger between the heel of your feet and that of the shoe with a bit of space left to spare. You should probably go down half a size.

When to size down

If you can’t stick a finger between your heel and that of the shoe. You should probably go up half a size to a full size.

Do Peloton shoes run small?

It depends. Peloton shoes are true to size for people with standard and semi-narrow feet; both women’s size and men’s size. However, people with narrow or wide feet may need to go down or up a half to a full size respectively.

Should Spin shoes be tight?

No. A proper spin shoe should:

  1. Have a little toe room (5mm max)
  2. Hold your forefoot stable without pinching
  3. Be snug in the heel even with pressure on the instep
  4. Not fold on specific areas on the outer side of the shoe
  5. Make your feet feel stable and in a neutral position- not bent towards either side
  6. Have the ball of your foot lying on the widest portion of the shoe for proper cleat positioning

Bonus tips to help you find comfortable Cycling shoes

  • Upgrade your insole for additional comfort. Cycling shoes are factory-fitted with a simple insole. Switching to thicker or thinner insoles can effectively get you the ideal fit.
  • Unlike a road cycling shoe, go for a Peloton bike shoe that uses Velcro straps for fastening. They allow for smoother adjustments and rides. In turn, this allows you to tie the running shoe to your best comfort level for utmost look delta cleat fit.
  • Avoid tightening your shoes way too much. This may cause wrinkling on the mid-front of the shoe, causing pressure points and injury. If the wrinkles persist even when the right tension is applied, then the shoe is out of bike fit.
  • Go for stiffer soles. Not only do stiffer soles improve athletic performance in cycling classes but they also help a shoe maintain its shape. This preserves its comfort level and durability. Shoes with stiff soles fit better on the pedal. Ensure that the shoe is only stiff on the harder parts of the feet like metatarsals. The contrary is true for softer areas like the midfoot ridge which should be well-padded. This also helps fit right for the cleat and toe cage.

Bottom Line

Peloton shoes are true to size if you have standard feet. The opposite is true for people with wide feet. Be sure to size up if you have larger feet. I would advocate for a perfect fit whenever possible.

However, it’s better for Peloton shoe sizing to be a little larger than smaller. This way, you can put on some thick socks to cover the gap. Remember, an indoor cycling shoe should fit snugly but not too tight.

Feel free to reach out to Peloton customer care in case your Peloton shoes don’t fit nicely. They are quick and kind. If you don’t like taking chances, just visit your nearest cycling store to buy shoes that you can fit right away.

Thanks for reading to the end. Check out more articles on Peloton and other fitness products on our website. Cheers!


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