Echelon Reflect vs Mirror: Which is Better For You?


Echelon Reflect and Mirror smart home gym fitness are two of the most raved about indoor home gyms you can find out there. Both of them offer relatively the same benefits to their users, making it difficult for people to choose between the two.

However, the approach these home gym fitness machines use makes some people vouch for Mirror over Echelon and vice versa.

We came up with this Echelon Reflect vs Mirror review to highlight their differences as well as similarities and to make the decision easier for you. 

If you don’t know where you stand, here is an honest comparison that breaks down each of their features to show you the real side of Echelon Reflect and Mirror so you can make an educated decision for yourself.

Echelon Reflect vs Mirror Review: The Brand

About Echelon Reflect 40

Echelon Reflect offers a touchless screen packed with the latest impactful workout routines by certified instructors to help you reach your goals in the most efficient way possible. You can avail of these thousands of videos on a monthly subscription to make sure you don’t have to fiddle around searching for the right workout for your body.

Its beautiful and sleek body also gives it the upper hand in the aesthetic appeal of the gym. Other than this, you can build virtual communities with other fitness enthusiasts, so you always have someone to help you motivate on one of those lazy days.  When it comes to the prices, the 40-inch Echelon with a subscription would cost you $1,039 + shipping of $99.

About Mirror

Gone are days when it was necessary to have mirrors in the gym. With this fitness Mirror home gym system, you can rest assured to carry out your workouts while keeping your posture in check. This mirror’s elongated structure allows you to stream live and on-demand fitness videos that perfectly meet your requirements.

Unlike many other bulky fitness gym machines, Mirror has a concise and convenient size that can help you keep where you want in the house. Besides that, it also allows iOS and Android connectivity to make sure you can track your heart rate, calorie intake and get workout suggestions all in one place.

As for the prices, the initial cost of a Mirror and one-month subscription is  $1,784. However, other accessories like heart rate trackers come with additional charges.

Echelon Reflect vs Mirror Review Comparison

Although Echelon Reflect and Mirror trigger some of the same yoga, pilates, cardio, and Tae Boo training, they both have different approaches to get the message across without putting in much effort. The real-time tracking with its Heart Track system can instantly connect to your Smartwatch.

Echelon Reflect 40 Review


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Echelon has created a point-based system that makes it more fun to work out and easy to compete remotely with your friends. You get a certain amount of rewards for every minute you spend at different heart rate levels. As a result, you tend to challenge your fitness routine every day.


1. Affordable

Considering how Echelon uses high tech to yield incredible results, the price is still relatively lower than most of the smart mirrors out there. It doesn’t involve hidden costs, which give you a sense of assurance that this Echelon Reflect will definitely not break your bank.

2. Sturdy and Solid

Having a sturdy mirror is highly important to ensure the longevity and convenience of the fitness mirror. While working out, you and your family run the risk of damaging this mirror with your extensive physical movements.

3. Fairly Quiet

Unlike the other loud gym equipment, Echelon Reflect is completely home-friendly with its performance. You have different options to choose the music volume to match the requirements according to your needs.


1. Can’t fast forward or rewind the videos

The on-demand classes of Echelon Reflect neither allow you to fast forward workouts that you’re unwilling to do nor repeat the steps you’ve missed while working out. This is especially true when you can’t keep up with the pace of the instructor.

2. Requires you to buy extra equipment

Since Echelon Reflect doesn’t come with its own equipment, you may have to purchase additional gym equipment to carry out some of the workouts mentioned in training.

Mirror Review

mirror girl

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Its sleek and gorgeous display is one of the many reasons why Mirror is raved about today.

This Mirror fitness gym is excellent for people who prefer to take aesthetics along with their fitness. The Mirror is merely a mirror when switched off and can instantly turn into a full-fledge gym as soon as you turn it on.

The data mentioned in the Mirror helps you see your progress which, in turn, enables you to get out of your comfort zone to do better every day. The front-facing camera integrated with the Mirror helps you connect with your fellow fitness community members and even allows you to carry out a one-on-one conversation with your trainers.

What’s more, the Bluetooth capability of Mirror can help you connect to any fitness watch you may have to track your calories. The way Mirror transitions into your living room then into your lifestyle makes it worth it to invest in a few extra bucks on Mirror.


1. Large Display

The 52 x 22 x 1.4-inch Mirror is ideal to have multiple data written on the screen without making it look too overwhelming. Because of its size, you can comfortably look at yourself in the Mirror to ensure you have the correct posture in all of your workout or yoga positions.

2. Music Customization

One thing that distinguishes Mirror from all of its competitors is its unique ability to give you full control over the music’s customization. Whether it is to choose your favori

Mirror Fitness System

te playlist or manage the volume, you can access anything that makes each second of working with Mirror more enjoyable.

3. Friendly-trainers

Many positive reviews about Mirror mainly revolve around its friendly and cheerful trainers that make the hectic workout a little more bearable. If you ever happen to stumble upon a problem, you can always directly talk to your personal trainer to sort it out right away.


1. Pricey

The Mirror is slightly more expensive than Echelon Reflect. The device’s initial cost would be approximately $1,500, and if we consider the $39 monthly subscription for on-demand workouts, this price can quickly add up.

2. No touch screen

The Mirror is more of an LCD than a device that you interact with your fingers. To access its library of videos, all you have to do is download the Mirror app, choose the best one, and voila, you have the videos in front of you.

Echelon Reflect vs. Mirror Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

Both of these fitness gyms look chic when switched off. By now, you must have a general idea about what each of them stands for. You are always happy with what you have unless you’re presented with something better and more efficient in front of you.

Likewise, you can never really vouch for any of their features unless you’re entirely sure of how an ideal indoor fitness gym should look like. Here’s a buyer guide that you must keep in mind before making your first purchase.

1. Price

You know you aren’t getting any of these advanced machines without spending some solid bucks on it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you go really cheap or too expensive for the sake of it. If you see any mirror that is less than $1000 is likely to be either pre-owned or low-quality materials are used to make that specific equipment.

In the same way, if you see any equipment that is more than $3000, know you definitely have better options available that are more affordable than this.

2. Camera

A good indoor fitness gym should have a camera that gives real-time feedback on your performance. It also helps you clarify your doubts and give you a sense of security that you can have a direct conversation with the instructor even if anything went wrong.

Benefits of Echelon Reflect vs Mirror

Echelon makes it difficult to miss a single workout. The gym is packed with the best workouts that are ideal for keeping you entertained throughout the whole journey. Not to mention the points-based motivational schemes that only make it effortless to stick to your schedule.

When it comes to Mirror, while it’s relatively pricey, it is better than opting for gym memberships that are not only expensive but due to the pandemic, you aren’t allowed to access it at the moment.

Echelon Reflect vs Mirror: How Are They Different?

Besides the obvious price factor, Echelon Reflect is relatively smaller and doesn’t allow music customization whatsoever. Where, Mirror, on the other hand, is all about providing aesthetics with its long body and 40 inch HD display along with music customization to give you full control over your workout.

Echelon Reflect vs Mirror – Are They The Same?

The best thing these two indoor gyms share is that they allow you to carry out virtual workouts with your friends and family. This is especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic as it can be hard to find time for your loved ones. Echelon Reflect and Mirror then measures the total calories burned for each member to help you strive to become better together.


As you can already see, both of them are excellent in their own way. Now choosing the best one among the two is something you should be doing yourself. If you are new to home gym fitness and need a user-friendly and affordable option to get started, Echelon is your best bet to go.

However, if the price isn’t the concern and you prefer to have a sleek and contemporary look to your house while carrying out your workout routines, then Mirror is definitely the epitome of that. Therefore, reflect on your needs and break a leg!


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