Can You Ride A Peloton With Regular Shoes?


Can you ride a Peloton with regular shoes?

Yes, you can. However, you are likely to find it quite uncomfortable and risky as the stationary bike is not designed to be ridden with cycling regular shoes. If you must use your regular sneakers, then it’s best to invest in a pair of compatible toe cages for Peloton. They maximize grip and minimize slippage.

A huge part of spinning and cycling involves pedaling. The cycling Peloton bike uses a Look delta Shimano pedal and for good reasons – it offers the best riding comfort and efficiency.

To this end, Peloton sells its own (Look delta) shoes along with the bike at about $125.

Peloton shoes

This is optional. The following questions may arise as you consider this purchase:

What are look delta cycling shoes?

  • Is it worth ordering the peloton shoes?
  • Can you use regular sneakers instead?
  • can you buy a Peloton bike shoe in the store?
  • Can you ride a peloton in tennis shoes?
  • Do regular spin shoes work with Peloton?
  • Can you ride clip pedals with a normal spinning shoe?
  • Can you just ride on a peloton with sneakers?

In this article, we shall exhaustively respond to these questions. Let’s begin.

Can you ride clip pedals with normal shoes?

Technically, yes. However, since the Peloton bike pedal is meant to be used with a special peloton shoe, your experience is set to be awful. Shimano SPD pedals have a small surface area.

Trying to go for clip-in flat pedals with regular shoes will place uneven stress on your feet.

Leg muscles will be forced to continuously find the center point of application of force during each cycle. This may lead to slipping and possible injury.

You will also fail to engage all muscles responsible for proper cycling. This not only reduces input power but also accelerates exhaustion.

So, is there a better way to can ride clip pedals with a normal shoe? Yes but still not ideal. A possible fix would be to use a clipless pedal adapter.

These are accessories that sleeve on your toe clip pedal and have a flat surface. Although they will serve you better, they still suffer the same size limitation.

This should be a last resort if you must.

The best solution to this problem is what this video demonstrates – simply switch your Peloton pedals. Most bikes use the standard 9/16″ thread for pedal attachment. Simply find a compatible flat pedal.

They are larger, wider, and comfortable toe cages for riding with normal shoes.

You can also opt for a double-sided pedal with both clip-in and flat sides. These offer you the best of both worlds.

Can you ride a Peloton with tennis shoes?

Yes. Tennis shoes assume a similar form factor as workout shoes. Meaning they don’t have Peloton cleats. Peloton uses a look-delta pedal that requires riders to use a look delta compatible cleat and shoe. This is the recommended set of footwear for the best Peloton riding experience.

While cycling Peloton with Tennis shoes is doable, it places you at a significant disadvantage. The foot platform surface area on the Peloton pedal is way too small for road bike shoes. This not only increases the odds of slipping off the look Delta pedal but it’s also generally uncomfortable.

Once a Peloton rider is accustomed to riding clipped in, it’s hard to go back. Like any other road shoe, the closest you can get to riding clipped-in with Tennis shoes is using the right-toe cages. They maximize grip while minimizing slip.

Can you just ride on a peloton with sneakers?

Yes but it’s not ideal. Just like a road bike, The Peloton spin bike features exclusively Look delta-compatible pedals. Note that riding with a look delta mountain bike shoes offers better foot grip, comfort, and power transfer compared to riding without any sort of cleat.

Nothing is stopping you from riding your Peloton with sneakers. It’s just that it’s not comfortable enough to get through any considerable cycling ride. You also become prone to slipping off and possible foot injury.

Fortunately, investing in a pair of toe cages can make your experience without cleats( riding with sneakers) just as great. We have covered toe cages in detail and have even listed the best toe cages for Peloton.

At a glance, toe cages in the bike shoe improve pedaling energy transfer, enhance knee comfort, and prevent injury.

Can you buy peloton shoes in the store?

The official Peloton indoor cycling shoe can only be purchased from Peloton directly at about $125. However, you can buy great Peloton ( Look delta-compatible) shoes with better quality and a lower price from online vendors.

What are look delta shoes?

These are cycling spin shoes that use a 3-hole configuration to attach a cleat. In case you didn’t know, Look is a French athletics equipment manufacturer. It dominates the skiing industry with a number of groundbreaking technologies.

Until the early 80s, toe cages and clips were the only Shimano SPD pedal binding accessories available. They were chunky, inconvenient, and difficult to use.

In 1984, Look introduced a cleats revolutionary piece of pedal binding accessory that eliminated most issues experienced using clips and toe cages. The SPD cleat was borrowed from the same technology used in ski binding.

They primarily introduced the Delta cleat. It uses 3 bolts to attach to the spin shoes. It’s this piece that slots into a Look delta-compatible pedal. This maximizes grip and improves cycling efficiency. Unlike road cycling, they are also much safer and robust in contrast with clips.

Peloton Compatible Shoe Review

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The Peloton bike is premium on all fronts. Likewise, the stock Peloton pedal is set, by design, to offer the best pedaling experience. They are Look delta, single-sided pedals. They can only be used with Look delta-compatible Peloton cycling shoes.

Look delta shoes are made to attach Look Delta cleats using 3 bolt holes in a triangular formation. A cleat is an accessory that temporarily (yet firmly), secures a rider’s shoe on the pedal.

Along with enhancing comfort, cleats ensure that a rider does not lose their footing on the pedal. Other related benefits of using cleats include the obvious boost in pedaling power as you can now pull and push the pedal during up and down strokes.

Good or bad news, Peloton is not the only maker of Look delta-compatible shoes. Your Peloton bike purchase is a clear indicator of your love for premium.

The $125 price for original Peloton shoes can easily get you the absolute best SPD shoes for Peloton sold by third-party retailers. The price may actually be lower for the same (or better) quality Peloton shoes.

Bottom Line

Using clip-in shoes is a no-brainer if you are to have the best spinning experience. You can get the $125 Peloton shoes that work just fine.

You can also go for similar quality shoes( or even better) at the same or lower price point from third-party vendors.

If you don’t fancy riding clipped in, a pair of good quality toe cages for Peloton will allow you to ride with your regular shoes.

Thanks for reading through to the end. We really appreciate your visit.

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