Peloton Generation 2 vs 3: Which is Better and Why?


We all know indoor cycling is one of the most futuristic approaches to improving health and fitness. Due to the pandemic, many gyms have been closed down; you have other more efficient alternatives like indoor stationary bikes that make this whole process a lot easier.

Two of the most hyped-up Peloton Generation versions are definitely taking the lead in this modern fitness age.

If you find yourself stuck between the two, here’s an in-depth comparison that solves all of your swarming questions in only 5 minutes.

Peloton Generation 2 vs 3 Review: The Brand

About Peloton Gen 2

Kick start your workout with Peloton Gen 2 that offers a wide array of live and on-demand workout videos to meet every fitness enthusiast’s needs. During the live sessions, you have the option to switch on your camera and chat with your fellow trainees and instructors.

To further improve your motivation level, Peloton also features a leaderboard that mentioned leaders who have the maximum participation in the exercises.

When it comes to the prices, you can think of Peloton as an investment that you make to improve your health. You can expect to spend roughly $2,500 for the first year on the cycle and $500 each year once you‘ve crossed this 2-year period.

If we talk about the on-demand and live training classes, the cost can spread to $39 per month.

About Peloton Gen 3

The Peloton Gen 3 is packed with outstanding features, and convenience specifically made for avid riders rather than something a usual fitness enthusiast would want. Unlike the Peloton Gen 2, this version of the Pelton has no belt whatsoever; this, in turn, can yield a natural feel to the overall workout.

The flexible HD screen of the Peloton Gen 3 allows you to stream thousands of pre-recorded professional training videos by instructors from all over the world. Some of these training videos include yoga, strength training, cardio, and many more helpful workouts personalized to meet your goals.

Upon purchase, you also have the option to avail yourself Peloton bike shoes from 36 to 48 sizes, a set of one, two, and three-pound dumbles as an ad on with this stationary bike.

Other than that, there are also accessories available as an after-purchase package that you can access from the Peloton official website.

Peloton vs Mirror Review Comparison

Now that you’re perfectly knowledgeable about the two Pelton Generations, it’s high time you weigh some pros and cons to come up with a decision.

Peloton Gen 2 Review


Peloton Generation 2 is armed with advanced-level instructors who are already experts in teaching fitness classes before COVID. This fact can ensure that your health is in the right hands.

Considering the bike’s price, this isn’t something that many people would prefer to opt for, but as someone who is in this fitness industry for decades, I can certainly vouch for the quality and service it provides to its users.

The sturdy and high-quality materials used in making the bike leave no stone unturned to make this bike suitable for anybody size you may have.


1. Fairly Quiet

One of the best things raved about Peloton Gen 2 is how it gives you a smooth and butter-like experience. The magnetic flywheel is totally quiet to make sure you can even workout with someone sleeping in your room.

The resistance knob on the bike also follows the same technique to gradually and quietly put the bike to a complete stop.

2. Bluetooth Compatibility

The Bluetooth compatibility of the Peloton Generation now allows you to track your daily calories and heart rate through your phone or other fitness watch and is perfect for helping you indulge in your favorite music through Bluetooth-connected headphones.

3. Warranty

This bike comes with a standard 12 month of warranty coverage of the electronics, labor, and the bike’s spare parts. However, you can also extend this period by an additional $230 to get you the maximum time period of 39 months of coverage.

Bear in mind, the only condition to keep this warranty valid is to make sure your bike is kept in the exact location as the Peloton members originally installed it in the beginning.


1. A little pricey – You get what you pay for

Given that you have to make a good investment in the initial purchase and bear the monthly $39 on on-demand videos, the cost of Peloton can quickly add up to go beyond your budget.

2. Inflexible screen

You can’t swivel the HD screen, which makes it slightly uncomfortable to use.

Peloton Gen 3 Review

Peloton Plus

The Peloton Generation 3 offers additional workout routines like cross-training and Peloton Boot Cam Session, giving it an upper hand over the first version. One of the greatest features of Peloton Gen 3 is its incredible ability to allow you to swivel the screen.

Although this bike offers the same perks as the Gen 2, here are some of the additionals perks and cons that you can expect from the Gen 3 version of Peloton.


1. Footprint

With 48” L x 24” W, this bike takes up considerable, really less floor space. This factor makes it an ideal choice to have this bike at home.

2. Customer Service

If you ever see yourself stuck with these advanced machines, you always have the option to chat or phone live with Peloton professionals.

3. Durable Material

The welded steel frame of the bike is coated with powder to give it ever-lasting durability to make each of your penny counts. This is especially important when you are an avid rider and need something to endure your daily workout’s hectic wear and tear.


1. No Leaderboard

One of the most concerning parts about at-home workouts is finding the right motivation every day to leave your bed’s comfort and hit the equipment that is right beside a warm couch.

Here, having a virtual fitness instructor that motivates or a competitive factor can play a key role in helping you to stick to your goals.

The only problem with this Peloton generation 3 bike is that it doesn’t offer any leaderboard yet. However, Peloton is an evolving company, so you can expect to get great features coming soon.

Peloton Generation 2 vs. 3 Buyers Guide: Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

It can be easy to get carried away with all the advertising you forget to do your research side. Here are some of the things you must consider before buying any Peloton bike.

1. Price

The price of these bikes isn’t low. However, if we consider the years of money you must have had or spend on a gym membership, opting for these stationary bikes is definitely the cheaper option.

However, while considering the various options, it’s never a bad idea to hit on multiple sites and look for options that can give you the best deals. The Peloton Generation is likely to have many promotions and sales to save your expenses greatly.

2. Warranty

Considering the complex nature of technology, having a warranty for a maximum of two years can not only give you a sense of security but makes it easier to narrow down your hunt for the right stationary bike as well. Therefore, make sure you have all the right documentation and are completely aware of all the warranty conditions and services before opting for the purchase.

Features & Benefits – Similarities & Differences

Benefits of Peloton Generation 2 vs 3

All in all, Peloton is a great way to kick start your fitness journey without having to leave your doorsteps. Regardless of whatever obstacle comes in your way, having a full-fledged gym set up at home can make sure to don’t miss a single day of workout. Where a high-quality stationary bike can yield unprecedented results for your body, buying the wrong indoor stationary bike can do or harm than good.

Peloton Generation 2 vs 3: How Are They Different?

Besides the general price difference, you can see many variations in its size and a few features that give an upper hand over the other.

The Peloton 2 measures68” L x 33” W x 62” H, while the generation 3 measures  72.5” L x 36.5” W x 72” H, making it slightly larger than Gen 2. The HD display of the Eploton Gen 3 is also relatively large with a 32” screen, whereas the Gen 2 only comes with a 23.8” screen.

Besides that, Generation 3 offers a more natural grip with auto-resistance capabilities to give an actual bike’s overall experience.

While some people prefer to have a smaller footprint of stationary bikes, you can also find people who like to indulge in the large HD screens of their bikes. Depending on your preference, you can decide which bike takes the lead over the other one.

Peloton Generation 2 vs 3 – Are They The Same?

If w look into it, both of these Peloton bike version offers more similarities than differences. In fact, both of these stationary bikes are armed with top-class HD touchscreen with adjustable ergonomics to give you full control over your gym equipment and have the right posture while working out.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

According to, Peloton bikes are great for people who live a busy lifestyle. However, if you are someone who merely wants an ordinary stationary bike to carry out some low-intensity cardio, Peloton may not be the right choice for you.

The main reason being its high price and advanced tools that are futile if you don’t end up using them.

To further clarify your doubts, refer to this short video to get a general idea of the bikes.


Coming to the end of the comparison, the new Peloton Bike+ made up for any features that the first Peloton Generation was missing in the first place. However, this can also be seen through the price, making it less accessible for many people.

If you prefer to have some workout without breaking your bank, the original Peroltin Gen 2 is surely the right choice for you. On the other hand, if advanced training is your goal, it’s worth investing in Gen 3.


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